This compilation of words are based on the program iSpeak, developed by Joakim Iversen and Jørgen Botnan. We hope it will prove its usefulness in understanding the Korean Taekwon-Do terminology. This list contains all phrases with English, Norwegian and Romanized Korean translations. Press the Speaker icon to listen to the correct Korean pronunciation.

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Mønster Pattern Tul(Hyong)
Firevending med punch Four direction punch Saju jirugi
Firevending med blokk Four direction block Saju makgi
Chon ji Chon ji Chon ji
Dan gun Dan gun Dan gun
Do san Do san Do san
Won hyo Won hyo Won hyo
Yul gok Yul gok Yul gok
Choong gun Choong gun Choong gun
Toi gye Toi gye Toi gye
Hwa rang Hwa rang Hwa rang
Choong moo Choong moo Choong moo
Kwang gae Kwang gae Kwang gae
Po eun Po eun Po eun
Gae baek Gae baek Gae baek
Eui am Eui am Eui am
Choong jang Choong jang Choong jang
Ko dang Ko dang Ko dang
Juche Juche Juche
Sam il Sam il Sam il
Yoo sin Yoo sin Yoo sin
Choi yong Choi yong Choi yong
Yon gae Yon gae Yon gae
Ul ji Ul ji Ul ji
Moon moo Moon moo Moon moo
So san So san So san
Se jong Se jong Se jong
Tong il Tong il Tong il

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