This compilation of words are based on the program iSpeak, developed by Joakim Iversen and Jørgen Botnan. We hope it will prove its usefulness in understanding the Korean Taekwon-Do terminology. This list contains all phrases with English, Norwegian and Romanized Korean translations. Press the Speaker icon to listen to the correct Korean pronunciation.

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Spark Kick Chagi
Gjennomtrengende sidespark Side piercing kick Yop cha jirugi
Støtende sidespark Side thrusting kick Yop cha tulgi
Skyvende sidespark Side pushing kick Yop cha milgi
Forhindrende sidespark Side checking kick Yop cha momchugi
Oppadstigende sidespark Side rising kick Yop cha olligi
Sidespark Side kick Yop chagi
Svingspark Turning kick Dollyo chagi
Buespark Hooking (arch) kick Golcho chagi
Side svingspark Side turning kick Yop dollyo chagi
Gjennomtrengende bakspark Back piercing kick Dwit cha jirugi
Side-frontspark Side front kick Yobap chagi
Side-front snappspark Side front snap kick Yobap cha busigi
Oppadstigende frontspark Front rising kick Ap cha olligi
Forhindrende frontspark Front checking kick Ap cha momchugi
Stempling/stomping Stamping Guro gi (cha bapgi)
Nedover spark Downward kick Naeryo chagi
Hakke spark Pick shape kick Gok kaeng-i chagi
Omvendt krokspark Reverse hooking kick Bandae dollyo goro chagi
Omvendt svingspark Reverse turning kick Bandae dollyo chagi
Vertikalt spark Vertical kick Sewo chagi
Pressende spark Pressing kick Noollo chagi
Feiende spark Sweeping kick Suro chagi
Gripe spark Grasping kick Butjapgo chagi
Rett (strakt) spark Straight kick Jigeau chagi
Slå og sparke spark Punching kick Jirumyo chagi
Kontringsspark Counter kick Bada chagi
Beinfelling Foot tackling Bal golgi
Skip (lite hopp) spark Skip kick Duro gamyo chagi
Toretningsspark Two direction kick Sangbang chagi
Sammenhengende spark Consecutive kick Jare-jare chagi
Flyvende spark Flying kick Twimiyo chagi
Flyvende spark (roterer i lufta) Mid-air kick Twio dolmyo chagi
Flyvende spark (over hinder) Overhead kick Twio nomo chagi
Flyvende saksespark Flying scissor-shape kick Twimyo kawi chagi
Flyvende sidespark m/dobbelt slag Flying U-shape punching side kick Twimyo digutja yop cha jirugi
Flyvende dobbeltspark Flying double kick Twimyo i-jung chagi
Flyvende trippelspark Flying triple kick Twimyo samjung chagi
Oppadstigende spark Rising kick Cha olligi
Halvsirkelspark Crescent kick Bandal chagi
Viftespark Waving kick Doro chagi
Forhindrende spark Checking kick Mumchu chagi
Siden av vristen Side instep Yop baldung
Siden av fotsålen Side sole Yop balbadak
Knivfot Foot sword Balkal
Under hælen Back sole Dwit kumchi
Tåball Ball of the foot Ap kumchi
Hæl Heel Bal dwichook

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