This compilation of words are based on the program iSpeak, developed by Joakim Iversen and Jørgen Botnan. We hope it will prove its usefulness in understanding the Korean Taekwon-Do terminology. This list contains all phrases with English, Norwegian and Romanized Korean translations. Press the Speaker icon to listen to the correct Korean pronunciation.

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Blokk Block Makgi
Slag Punch Jirugi
Sideblokkering Side block Yop makgi
Oppadgående blokkering Rising block Chookyo makgi
W-form blokkering W-shape block San makgi
Front blokk Front block Ap makgi
Side-front blokkering Side front block Yobap makgi
Nedover blokk Downward block Naeryo makgi
Midje (midtparti) blokkering Waist block Hori makgi
Sirkelblokkering Circular block Dollimyo makgi
Innover blokk Inward block Annuro makgi
Oppover blokk Upward blokk Ollyo makgi
Skyvende blokk Pushing block Miro makgi
Bueblokk Hooking block Golcho makgi
øse blokk Scooping block Duro makgi
Pressende block Pressing block Noollo makgi
Stopp blokk Checking block Momchau makgi
Pressende blokk med tvilling håndflate Twin palm pressing block Sang sonbadak noollo makgi
Rett underarmsblokering Straight forearm block Sun palmok makgi
Rett knivhåndsblokkering Straight knife-hand block Sun sonkal makgi
Dobbel underarmsblokkering Double forearm block Doo palmok makgi
Skyvende dobbel underarmsblokk Double forearm pushing block Doo palmok miro makgi
Rett albueblokkering Straight elbow block Sun palkup makgi
øseblokk med håndflaten Palm scooping block Sonbadak duro makgi
Bueblokk med håndflaten Palm hooking (arch) block Sonbadak golcho makgi
Skyvende blokk med håndflaten Palm pushing block Sonbadak miro makgi
Oppoverblokk med håndflaten Palm upward block Sonbadak ollyo makgi
Innoverblokk med håndflaten Palm inward block Sonbadak annuro makgi
Utsiden av underarm Outer forearm Bakat palmok
Innsiden av underarmen Inner forearm An palmok
Siden av knyttneven Side fist Yop joomuk
Omvendt knivhånd Reverse knife-hand Sonkal dung
X-knivhånd X-knife-hand Kyocha sonkal
X-knyttneve X-fist Kyocha joomuk
Tommelkanten Thumb ridge Umji batang
Buet håndledd Bow wrist Sonmok dung
Front knyttneve Fore fist Ap joomuk
Buehånd Arc hand Bandal son
Baksiden av hånden Back hand Son dung
Knivhånd Knife hand Sonkal
Håndflate Palm Sonbadak

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